Wednesday, November 21, 2007


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----Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice expects a land agreement to be reached between Israel and Palestine before Bush's term ends--or before her perm ends.

----A poll reveals that 77-percent of Americans are unhappy with the state of the country. The other 23-percent are just happy they're not locked up.

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----Wyclef Jean says that Lauryn Hill is still not over him. And Lauryn Hill is saying that Wyclef is not over himself either.

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----Common is reportedly dating Serena Williams. Serena dating a black guy? How UNCOMMON!

----A poll revealed that 77-percent of Americans are worried about the state of the country. A separate poll revealed that 95-percent of black Americans are worried about the state of their hoods which are supposed to be a part of the country.

----Bobby Brown sprained his ankle trying to dance for an upcoming New Jack Swing tour. Do we really want to hear MY PEROGATIVE one more time?

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----A recent pic of Jasmine Guy clearly shows she doesn't look to well without makeup. What sista does over the age of 45?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


----Suge Knight is being considered for the defense in the death of Biggie Smalls. No surprise there as it's common knowledge Suge knows a lot about a number of deaths he's taken part in. Ooops, I mean, taken notice of...

----Erykah Badu has a new album coming out inspired by quantum physics. This means we can expect to hear the sounds of a 13-piece bucket of KFC being eaten in the background.

----Jamie Foxx has partnered with MTV/VH-1 for a new reality television series called G's to Gents, where he teaches competitors how to be gentlemen. The men will be judged on how well they do with Ugly Wanda.

----Yesterday, Michael Vick surrendered earlier than expected to authorities to start serving his federal sentence on dogfighting charges. No word yet on how much money he'll make inside prison showing other inmates how to set up similar dogfighting rings.

----Hate crimes are up 8-percent. The rise comes from all the previously unreported police beatings.

----Free University of Brussels scientists noted that there's seems to be a connection between cockroaches huddling in the dark to do their dirty work and the Bush Administration.

----Beowulf, a movie about a leader who loses credibility over a piece of ass, is rumored to be inspired by the life of Bill Clinton. However, Clinton said: "I didn't have sexual relations with the dragon--unless you mean Hillary."

Monday, November 19, 2007


Plastic surgeon Dr. Jan Adams claims he’s not at fault for the death of Kanye West’s mother who died following complications from surgery. Like the first Adam, he’s blaming the woman.

Detroit passed St. Louis as this year’s most dangerous city according to an FBI-basesd poll—which is just code for TOO MANY BLACKS!

World Cup ski champion Bode Miller said steroid doping is happening in sports anyway so it should be allowed. In short, make it like betting and cheating.

Oprah Winfrey gave away a ton of gifts in Macon County, Georgia, Saturday. The one gift she couldn't give, however, was self-esteem.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hateatude #1

--- Plastic surgeon, Dr. Jan Adams already had malpractice suits against him when he operated on Kanye West's mother who died of complications. Evidently, the brotha is only good at saving his face!

---MOVIE OF THE WEEK SYNOPSIS: OJ Simpson is back on trial for the Nicole Simpson Brown and Ron Goldman murders! And this time there's no glove lost!

---Sen. Barack Obama said that he can't find his record on the issues from his days in the Illinois senate. In some circles, this is known as a LIE!

---Fantasia is rumored to be pregnant by rapper Young Dro. Kool. Now Fantasia can learn to read with her children.

---City leaders in South LA are seeking a ban on more fastfood restaurants locating in the area—due to health concerns such as diabetes and highblood pressure. No word yet on whether the gangs who own the restaurants are upset about the ban.

---Controversy ensues over American Gangster movie as Bumpy Johnson's wife calls Frank Lucas a "flunky." When asked to comment, Lucas just kept counting his dope money.

--Dawn Robinson of back-in-the-day hotties EnVogue, split from her husband recently. He's never gonna get it, again!

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